12. Air 空氣

The element of air supports truly magical cosmic qualities. Sylphs are air elementals working for the elemental master Dom and supervised by the unicorns.


You are guided to ask the unicorns to direct Dom and his sylphs to spread the qualities of air - enlightment, ascension, enthusiasm, freedom, and divine vision - into the minds of those who need them. Also ask them to purify currents of air and blow them to polluted areas so that they may be cleansed.

你被引導去要求獨角獸們指揮Dom和他的小仙子們散播空氣的品質 - 包括啟蒙、揚升、熱情、自由,以及神聖的願景 - 進到那些需要的人的內心。同時要求他們淨化那些受汙染的地方,並去除空氣中多餘的游離粒子,以達到淨化的效果。

Help the fairies work with flowers by acknowledging and appreciating them.



I invoke air to carry angel singing around the world and bring hope and peace.




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