13. Fire 火

Fire transmutes the old and takes the new to a higher frequency. Archangel Gabriel supervises Thor, the elemental master of fire, and his salamanders. Your guidance is to ask them to transform the energy of conflict, then spread peace, warmth, and nourishment to people everywhere.

火能轉化舊有的事物,淬煉出新的,並帶進更高的振動頻率當中。大天使加百列負責監管指揮著火元素的大師 - 索爾,以及他的火蜥蜴軍團。這張牌卡所要帶給你的指引是,請求他們轉化所有衝突不平衡的能量,並將和平、溫暖帶到世⋯⋯

You can ask fire to help you eat the right food, so that you have the perfect fuel for your ascension journey. It will also ignite your aura and keep your chakra Fifth Dimensional and glowing, so that you attract many others to you and lead with inspiration.



I invoke fire to light my way to the new Golden Age.



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