[ Auralite 23 極光水晶 ]

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Auralite-23 為 ‘世界上最古老水晶寶石’超過了約莫11億年 !

每顆水晶都是獨特完整的並經由結晶反應出了自身的一趟久遠時間旅程 .


 在這華麗的晶體裡. 專家Schwarzenberger先生已確定可在17面的平均晶體裡找到35種元素.


Bornite. Cacoxnite . Chalcopyrite. Copper. Covellite. Epidote. Garnet. Gialite. Goethite. Gold. Hematite. Lepidocrosite. Limonite. Magnetite. Malachite. Nickel. Palladium. Platinum. P⋯⋯

yrite. Pyrolusite. Rutile. Silver. Sphalerite. Titanite. Tourmaline. Uranopilite.(此處翻譯約是黃銅礦。銅。藍。簾。石榴石。針鐵礦。黃金。赤鐵礦。褐鐵礦。磁鐵礦。孔雀石。鎳。鈀。白金。硫鐵礦。錳礦。金紅 石。銀。閃鋅礦。鐵礦。電氣石。)




Auralite-23 水晶.主要是由4種水晶礦為基礎-紫水晶.黃水晶.白水晶.煙水晶.


Auralite-23.名稱主要來自美洲原住民.意思為’地球與天空中.連接北方極光的奇蹟 !’

 Auralite-23 水晶給人的感覺非常甜蜜的感覺, 能像羽毛掃子一樣消除舊的和不必要的限制,

堵塞和恐懼。Auralite 23 極光水晶 猶如一位無比智慧的長者,

在靜心中、在夢中…… 傾聽古老的教誨和指引。


Auralite 23 is a unique formation of Amethyst which is laden with up to 35 other elements. These elements include Silver and Gold, Aluminum, Copper, and even Vanadium. The full list looks like this; Ag, Au, Al, Ba, Be, Bi, Ca, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Hg, K, La, Mg, Mn, Mo, Na, N, P, Pd, Pb, S, Sb, Sc, Sr, Th,Ti, Tl, U, V, W, Zn, Zr.This new discovery from Canada creates a synergistic energetic experience that one should feel in order to truly believe. Much like regular Amethyst it resonates with the upper energy centers of the third eye and crown chakras, but the difference with Auralite 23 lies in its subtle yet powerful ability to free the mind of old worn out self perceptions. When working with this type of Amethyst, it is best to start off slowly and work your way up to being in its presence for longer durations, lest you find yourself unrecognizable to your friends and family from the amount of positive inner change that it may bring about. This stone feels very sweet to be around and literally sweeps the consciousness like a feather duster, whisping away any old and unwanted limitations, blockages and fears.



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